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Piano Services

Louis Joseph Crescenti’s  Maestro Maker Piano Services:

Provides expert piano tuning & all related piano maintainance services to clients in the  tri-state area. Our approach to all of our piano services, is consistent with our approach to piano sales: to offer concert quality piano tuning and a wide range of technical piano repairs for a competitive if not reasonable cost.

In  serving the Greater Westchester community and caring for the highest quality instruments in the industry for some time I have come to acquire a collection of fine reconditioned and restored grand pianos which are for sale. Call for an appointment  to see these amazing instruments.  To maintain the high caliber of instruments that we are known for I utilize the services of the Cyber Tuner method of tuning.  A system that has been herald as the Gold Standard for Professional Tradesman World Wide as well as the method of grading at the our Country’s prestigious Piano Tuners Guild.>

To meet your needs for quality piano service and value, we provide various piano tuning packages. Call us to learn about our standard piano tuning cost, and also, the piano tuning cost or piano service for clients that need a fine tuning on a frequent basis, as one of our piano service plans that comprise several fine tunings per year may be valued. Upon request, we can also provide concert voicing and action regulation for your piano.

For our primary geographic coverage, our piano tuner service provides piano tuning throughout Westchester County, NYC,  LI, and CT.

Piano’s Available for Sale:

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Our Services Menu:

  • Fine Tuning — $150
  • Pitch Raise — $250 (requires follow-up fine tuning)
  • New Bass Strings — $65 per string ( individual Strings must be ordered)
  • New Steel Strings — $35 per string ( always in stock, tuning included)

Other Services Include:

  • Rentals — Choice of fine grands pianos (long or short term)
  • Moving — Prices varies (all include a 3 hour minimum)
  • Sales — Blurb about that here
  • Matchmaking We will assist you in seeing that your dream for finding an impeccable instrument or one that meets your specific needs is most apply fulfilled
  • Restoration – Rebuilding, Refinishing, Regulating, Sound Board Work
  • Midi Controller Installation —   This system gives your acoustic piano’s keyboard access to MIDI (Musical Instrument Digital Interface), opening a world of advanced technology to your piano. The MIDI Controller Retrofit System will turn virtually any acoustic piano into a MIDI Controller. With this system you can use your acoustic piano’s keyboard to record music to a computer, send keyboard and pedal data to a digital piano, external sound module, sequencer or other MIDI device. The MIDI Controller system supports soft pedal, sostenuto pedal and sustain pedal functions and can include a player feature and accompanying disc player.  Titles also can be purchased that include many styles.
  • Humidification Systems As a fundamental component of complete piano care, it protects your piano from the undesirable effects of extreme or fluctuating humidity levels. The Piano Life Saver System will enable your instrument to maintain proper pitch between tunings and protect the myriad of tiny wooden parts that make up a piano. A stable piano will be hold a tuning longer while giving the owner a longer life of pleasurable piano playing.   
  • Recording & Performance — 7’ Yong Chang or Yamaha Conservatory with retrofit midi-controller. (Numerous Synths also available for tracking).
  • Real Estate Staging