Mistro Maker | Wellsprings
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This is the latest recording by Louis Joseph Crescenti and is aptly entitled Wellsprings instrumental tone poems for peace & piano. Wellsprings pronounces musical poetry for the piano and continues to prove Crescenti’s brilliant license for innovative impressionism. Typical of this captivating piano sound is it’s graceful fusion of classical and contemporary music styles.

As the title implies Wellsprings has sprung from the same spiritual origin that has made it’s composer a minister of solace and well-being in addition to beautiful music.

Each of the seven original compositions on this collection were recorded in concert. The music was selected from among several of Crescenti’s most inspired performances.

In this recording Louis Joseph Crescenti invites you to share his very own personal synergy of spiritual renderings and hopes. “As powerful as words are they’re often insufficient in conveying certain messages. Music on the other hand is capable of illimitable interpretation. If we listen with our ears we hear, if we listen with our heads we know, but if we listen with our hearts we are changed. It is my aim that this fountain of spirit songs help to awaken a healing from within you and that your hearts will be nourished with a peace that passes all understanding.” LJC

One reviewer wrote following a concert in Bari, Italy in which several selections from Wellsprings were performed, “His music vibrated throughout our hearts, opening doors to the most tranquil resolutions of fantasy and reality.”

There is no escaping the courtship of these lively journeys or the immutable joy that flows from their playful presence. They breathe in the place of our deepest yearning – searching for a heavenly place to rest, and they find just that in you. Delicately they cadence and with each gentle finish they welcome their captors to a precious balance of body & soul. To drink from this well is truly a chance to visit the depths of God’s love.

“When I hear music, it seems to me that all the sins of my life pass slowly by me with veiled faces, lay their hands on my head, and say softly, ‘My child.’ “

Wellsprings was recorded by Horizon Studios, engineered by Victor Steffens. The music was both digitally recorded and mastered. Each track was selected from concerts at Sprague Memorial Hall – Yale University, The Regina A. Quick Center – Fairfield University, and the John Lyman Center for the Performing Arts – Southern Connecticut State University. To insure the recording’s meditative quality the applause and other audible intrusions native to live performance were eliminated in the mastering process. Digital mastering was done by Louis Joseph Crescenti.

      “I want to extend a formal thanks to Vic Steffens, Brian & Candy Simmons, Peter Mueller, Peter Casolino, Pamela Joseph, May Bell, Andrew Thomas Jackson, Steven Nigro, Dr. Son King Wan, Dan Camera, Charles Garner, Matt Dinnon, Louis & Lucia Crescenti, the Piscazzi Family, & most especially Jesus Christ, whose grace has always been sufficient to sustain me & for whom I owe all of my Joy and abilities.” – LJC

The Painting featured on the cover of Wellsprings was painted by Andrew Thomas Jackson and is titled FANTASEA. For more information on Andrew Thomas Jackson see How to Order. The artist may contacted at: P.O. 3973 Carmel, CA 93921 – 831-601-7846

Instrumental Tone Poems for Peace & Piano
by Louis Joseph Crescenti

1. Garden of Promise

1. Garden of Promise 4:39
2. May Bell 5:57
3. Compass Point 6:03
4. Relationships 7:10
5. Give or Take 7:51
6. In a Twinkle of a Candle’s Heart 7:51
7. Valley of the Kings 8:10

Total Length 47:41