Mistro Maker | Water and Oil
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The recording of Water & Oil was made at my home in Orange, Connecticut. The music was recorded over the course of two days in July of 1990 and was not originally intended for release to the public.

I had just returned home from a short pilgrimage in the Middle East. The improvisations would serve as a sound journal of personal reflections. I couldn’t imagine documenting a more divine story board. The process was important and fulfilled a definite need for me. Allowing the music to happen helped me to develop an even greater understandings of my journey.

For such a sensitive work, I decided against using a conventional sound studio. While a professional studio might yield superb fidelity, I chose an environment that was the most natural for me to create in. The familiar setting of my home afforded me more than just convenience. Its unimposing charm had long been a stimulating sanctuary for daily expressions of my art form. The piano used for the project was also a staple ingredient in my daily meditations, and as expected, played an integral role. Its cooperation can not be denied. Still another tangible ingredient in the process was the saintly presence of a white labrador named Blue Note. Our 16 year friendship had at that point spanned my entire history of making music. Although we were forced to part shortly thereafter his propinquity was dearly preserved in this music. Listen closely…

Only a small portion of the music featured on Water & Oil had actually been conceived previous to the date of the recording. The majority of works were spontaneous and freely improvised. There were no second takes. It either happened or didn’t. Even though the material may seem written, it in fact was not… Unless, of course, you consider the something that took place the moment it was being played… In which case maybe it was…

Water & Oil” symbolizes God’s Love and Provision. I hope these Sound Paintings serve as a reminder of that Love. They are an expression of my Love for God & Love for Mankind. May they help us grow together in unity.

It was my pleasure to share the responsibility of titling Ballerina, From Tears to Eternity, and Underwater Sunrise with my beloved friend Joan Bruno.
Her loving insights and kind heart were clearly the work of The Lord. Thank you for showing me that life doesn’t have to end like there is no Eternity.

The recording of Water & Oil was engineered by Mr. Crescenti with the exception of Above the Clouds which had been previously engineered by Ron Bach at the Sandbox in Weston, CT. All music was both digitally recorded and mastered. Digital pre-mastering was done at Horizon Music in West Haven, CT by Mark Nathan. Final mastering was performed by Andy Brick of Opus Music Associates in Hoboken, NJ. Sound effects direction by Bill Mierzejewski.

  • Special thanks to Horizon’s Vick Steffens, Digidesign’s Joel Krantz, Louis & Lucia Crescenti, Pam Joseph, Val’s Formal Shop, Dr. Sun King Wan, Andy Brick, Wendy Jai, Peter Mueller, and Jesus Christ

1. Book Of Wisdom

Harvest Time

Psalm 42

1. Book Of Wisdom
2. If We Dare to Believe
3. Despite the Rain
4. Silent Island
5. Providence
6. Underwater Sunrise
7. Psalm
8. Still Life
9. Quintessence
10. Morning Star
11. Alessandra
12. From Tears to Eternity
13. Lullaby in Birdland
14. Ballerina
15. After the Dawn
16. Harvest Time
17. Above the Clouds