Mistro Maker | Sacred Gardens
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The Sacred Garden has knitted in timeless perfection an instrumental awakening of harmonics and intervals that mirror the symmetry of the heavens. Ungoverned by traditional rhyme or reason these lively spirit songs echo intimate whispers of an invisible world of virtue and divinity. Louis Joseph Crescenti’s unique signature for sound poetry has never been more profound than in these devotional treatments from the third stream. In a departure from the composers solo acoustic history the Sacred Garden was written and arranged for the virtual orchestra. On this imaginative new canvas the artist probes the diversities of sound cultures: past, present, and imaginary.

Louis Joseph Crescenti whose love for solo piano was not easily rivaled by technology discovered the virtual orchestra in his yearning to fill a deeper and more celestial music envelope. As a system for both live performance and recording the virtual orchestra doesn’t replace the acoustic piano but incorporates it into a network of sound generators and samplers that can more effectively cooperate with his musical instincts. The Sacred Garden is a literal bath for the senses. Serious listeners will discover this fountain of paradise to be a rich and lasting one – overflowing with therapeutic treasure. May your quest for peace and retrospection be quieted as never before.

The first few sessions of this recording were captured at Horizon Studios by engineer Vic Steffens. For this process an acoustic grand piano fitted with a M.I.D.I. interface was miked and recorded. The interface simultaneously relayed all keyboard activity to a series of outboard synthesizers as it triggered their performance. These musical events were recorded on individual tracks and then down loaded to a computer based studio environment where the virtual sound painting would take place. Here the composer sculpted each song, note by note as a painter before canvas, breathing into each arrangement the sounds of nature, sampled acoustic instruments, and special effects. To achieve optimum fidelity the music was then digitally mixed and mastered. All music was written and arranged by Louis Joseph Crescenti except Still Moving which was written by Robert Messore for the solo acoustic guitar recording entitled Gladys’s Glasses. Robert Messore can be reached at: RMguitar@bigfoot.com

the shorthand of emotion.
Emotions which let themselves
be described in words with such difficulty,
are directly conveyed in music,
and in that is it’s power and significance.


  • Special thanks to:
    Vic Steffens – Horizon Studios – Lucia & Louis Crescenti – Pamela Joseph – Mark & Tom Molnar of Connecticut Piano Repair, Milford CT – Peter Mueller of P.E.M. Design West Haven, CT – Susan Farricielli – Robert Messore.


Spring of Light

St. Petersburg

Water’s Edge
Still Moving
Beyond Today
Sacred Garden
Open Portal
Natasha’s Dance