Mistro Maker | Music for the Contemplative Mind
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Contemplative pianist & composer Louis Joseph Crescenti is one of today’s true musical pioneers. His magnificent departures from traditional euphony are grounded with a gentleness and spontaneity that transcend the senses. Concealed in an effortless tide of theme and variation his refreshing tonal and rhythmic freedom have marked him as a contemporary impressionist of impeccable originality.

Mr. Crescenti’s heartening tone poems identify with man’s deepest yearnings, expressing the gift of hope, rejuvenation, and new life. The mind, body, and spirit will welcome their tranquil aura and soothing peace as the music provides an exquisite backdrop for relaxation and meditation.

Just as his innovative piano style has developed, so has his captivating stage presence. To date the artist’s personal interaction with the audience has become one of the key ingredients of his performance. In concert Mr. Crescenti may choose to introduce certain selections with a story or short monologue. Through these occasional conversations the composer prepares an exciting climate from which to listen.

An exceptional gift for improvisation distinguishes his graceful fusion of classical and contemporary acoustic music with a spatial integrity second to none. Unique in both signature and vision these eloquent interpretations reflect a thanksgiving for creation and Creator – a combination that celebrates his personal devotion to God.

Accessible to the novice and serious listener alike, Music for the Contemplative Mind is a simply divine expression of musical form and texture.

Feelings of serenity will linger as you drift throughout these poetic sound-scapes united by passion and romance. This extraordinary live performance will convince you that the music of pianist and composer Louis Joseph Crescenti is as penetrating and evocative, as it is joyfully satisfying.

“Too often we are the least prepared for the things we need most; love, change, God, eternity. It is difficult for these things to penetrate us if we’ve never been rightfully exposed to them – almost impossible if we fear them. Be encouraged that the road less traveled does lead somewhere worthwhile. Seek, and you shall find it; ask, and it shall be given you; knock, and it shall opened to you. As we journey together over this bridge called world I hope that my work will be an inspiration and a help to those who truly seek rest.” LJC …

This concert was digitally recorded at The John Lyman Center for the Performing Arts New Haven, CT on May 4th 1992, engineered by Joe Carrano of Presence Studios Westport CT. This program was also edited and mastered in the digital domain by David Greaves at the Tape Works Hartford, CT .

  • Special thanks to:
    – Mark & Tom Molnar of Connecticut Piano Repair, Milford CT – Peter Mueller of P.E.M. Design West Haven, CT – Susan Farricielli – The Diamond Family – Dr. Gina Gubitosi – George Jacobson – Charles Garner & the S.C.S.U. Music Department. – Louis & Lucia Crescenti – Pam Joseph – Dr. Sun King Wan – Blue Note – Salley Ann Shaffer.


Lauren Ann

1. My Daily Bread
2. Reflections in Time
3. The Cornfield
4. Sticks and Stones
5. Fountain of Paradise
6. Lauren Ann
7. The Garden Tomb
8. Flight of the Pelican
Total Length 58:42