Mistro Maker | Meditation
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Be Fruitful.


“To see things as they are
the eyes must be open,
To see things as more than they are
the eyes must be open even wider,
But to see things as better than they are –
the eyes must be open to the fullest.”

– Marcado

If our eyes are open to the fullest we will never miss the message our lives are sending us. It is through this window we see even our problems in a new light.

Many times the joy of our life is dulled by a picture that we are so close to it has become out of focus. The big picture of life places things in proper perspective.

Just as prayer places things in proper perspective so can our temporal conscious – if we tell it to. As we partake in even the most mundane of daily activities let us not forget to scan our every day for it’s eternal relevance. It is through our eternal relevance we find our true place and the freedom which will restore our joy.

Don’t let the things that have gone out of focus destroy the things that are and can be. Take a few steps back, count to a million, ask God to forgive you and don’t forget to forgive someone else. Forgiveness is an inroad to healing – don’t leave home without it.

– Louis J. Crescenti