Mistro Maker | Louis Joseph Crescenti Sr. Biography
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Louis Joseph Crescenti Sr. Biography

Louis Joseph Crescenti was the son of a carpenter who immigrated from Italy to the United Sates at age 17.  His mother’s family had owned a large farm in Branford, Connecticut where the two would eventually settle down and raise a family of three. He began his studies in art at age seven and later attended the Yale University School of Fine Art where he received a B.F.A. degree in 1948.  At Yale he was afforded the privilege of studying under the esteemed Eugene Savage.

During the World War II, Crescenti served in the Art Department of the Eastern Technical Training Command after which time he returned to Yale.

Upon finishing college this teacher/artist spendt a number of years working for the Rambush Company where he painted church murals throughout the Continental United States.  Among his most prominent contributions is the Scene of Two Angels at St. Francis of Assissi Church in N.Y.

In 1952 he accepted a position at East Haven High School as the institution’s very first art teacher where he would begin a 35 year term mentoring some of Southern Connecticut’s most talented young artists.  It was also in this time that this devoted husband and father of there would perfect his unique signature and profound gift for artisitc interpretation.

Louis J. Crescenti has been continually recognized for his mastery of landscapes and floral composition.  This widely admired savant of modern day expressionalish weaves a lively yet delicate marriage of innocence and imagination into each work. What his eye sees and your heart admires, his brush brings faultlessly to life.  Those interested may view and custom select from the artist’s archives.  Work is available in Geclee & enchanced Geclee.  His son Louis Joseph Crescenti Jr manages the sale and reporduction of his father’s remaining body of work and continues the iconic legacy by painting in a similarly classical & abstract signature.