Mistro Maker | Louis Joseph Crescenti Jr. Biography
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Louis Joseph Crescenti Jr. Biography

Artist Biography

“Imagine waking up to a warm Meditieranian Sea Breeze – famillure yet fresh, soft but stirring.
As it calls you to awake a calming presence encompasses you”. What has long been tributed to the music of composer Louis Joseph Crescenti can now be said of his abstract unfoldings on canvas. “Spirit Scapes” are the delicate and devine embodiment of mans  deepest yearnings, expressing the gift of hope, rejuvination and new life. The contemplative eye can now bath in a myriad of pleasant moods and emotion that at one time could only be heard.
His father Louis Joseph Crescenti Sr. graduated from the Yale University School of Fine Art in ’48. The esteemed American Impressionist teacher was patcullarly known for his imaginative landscapes and floral composition. In a lifetime aprenticiship with his father Louis Joseph Crescenti Jr. learned each facet of the creative process, managing his mentor’s bussiness, and painting alongside him untill his passing in 2007. So even as the Father’s brush brought faultlessly to life timeless impressions that abound to this day with joy so his legacy continues through his son.
In a long and outstanding affair with technology the son has become absorbed with the concept of a Singing Canvas. This sound designer  and video engineer has worked with every form of technology in order to enhance his creative process and is  convinced his paintings have a song to sing. This kind of sound painting would be the marriage of his captivating musical scores with the perfect visual.

“Where the Eyes and Ears Meet the Imagination”