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Louis Joseph Crescenti

Louis Joseph Crescenti’s magnificent departure from traditional euphony is grounded with a gentleness and spontaneity that transcend the senses. Transformational music may sound for some too difficult an experience to truly benefit from.  However, listeners of inspirational composer Louis Joseph Crescenti would conclude that any effort to move more deeply into the atmosphere created by his contemplative music would find the effort well worth it.  Typical of his captivating piano sound is it’s graceful fusion of classical and contemporary  music styles.  While this brilliant variety of mood and signature may remind some listeners of YANNI or George Winston, Crescenti’s deep regard for traditional harmony establishes his contemplative hybrid refreshing and unique.  Concealed in an effortless tide of theme and variation his refreshing tonal and rhythmic freedom have marked him as a contemporary impressionist of impeccable originality.

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Louis Joseph Crescenti

The artistic works of Louis Joseph Crescenti are often referred to as “Spirit Scapes” and are considered to be the Devine embodiment of man’s deepest yearnings, expressing the gift of hope, rejuvenation and new life. The contemplative eye can now bath in a myriad of pleasant moods and emotions that at one time could only be listened to.


His father Louis Joseph Crescenti Sr. graduated from the Yale University School of Fine Art in ’48, and will be remembered for his imaginative landscapes and floral compositions. The Father’s classical influences have obviously informed the son’s sensitivity for color and texture. What has long been attributed to the music of composer Louis Joseph Crescenti can now be said of his abstract unfoldings on canvas.

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